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Now that your cat is no longer an energy-charged kitten, how has your relationship changed? Are you still as close as you used to be or have you grown apart? Has your cat been demonstrating behavioral problems such as hyperactivity or unprovoked aggression? Happier Cats was born out of a desire to help cats with these issues by promoting healthy, creative playtime.

Since cats are meat-eating predators, nearly all cat games are predatory games. Cats in the wild often encounter prey that attempt to escape predation. At Happier Cats, we take those principles to heart, and work to develop realistic hunting toys for cats.

Happier Cats is located in the up-and-coming Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia, where we have put down roots to take our ideas from gestation to reality. Fishtown has emerged as Philly’s truest harbor of artistic, culinary and musical action. This classic working-class neighborhood, so named due to its history as the epicenter of the commercial shad fishing industry, is a colorful exception to the gridded-out urban rule, a collection of narrow streets beset with modest row homes and independently owned businesses.

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